US Stores and Catalogs

 Stores Listed by State in the USA: 


Organic Living   602-224-5313, 8342 N. 7TH ST. Phoenix, AZ 85020 Honeycomb, Silk, and Cotton masks.


Allergy One   559-432-19007375 N Fresno St. # 101, Fresno, CA 93720 Honeycomb mask, Cotton Mask, Silk Mask, Eyeshade


Allergy Relief Stores  888-774-9770, 56705 Garrett Road, Slidell, LA  70458

                                      New Mexico

Cutting Edge Catalog  800-497-9516,  Honeycomb Mask


Allergy, Air and More, Inc. 972-503-9688: Honeycomb and Silk. 1387 West Campbell Road, Richardson, TX 76112;   972-503-9688


PremierLash, LLC  877-366-5274,  400 North 284 West, Suite 105  Salt Lake City, UT 84103  : Honeycomb Mask 

                                         Catalogs in the USA    800-339-7123: Silk Mask, Honeycomb Pollution Mask, Cold Weather, and Organic Cotton Masks.

Allergy Control Products, 800-422-3878,

Allergy One   559-432-1900  Honeycomb mask, Cotton Mask, Silk Mask, Eyeshade

Allergy Relief Stores 888-774-9770

Cutting Edge Catalog   800-497-9516, pollution masks

National Allergy Supply, 800-522-1448,

N.E.E.D.S   800-634-1380  - Request catalog for MCS.

Organic Living   602-224-5313  Honeycomb, Silk, and Cotton masks.